Comics · 15. January 2018
Weird confessions of a hitchhiker/constant traveler/comic artist
Comics · 26. November 2017
I hitchhike, I meet people, they tell me their stories, I make these into comic strips.

Comics · 24. November 2017
In the past few years I've become a serious language geek. I love hearing them, discussing them, and learning them... or trying to. These strips are all related to my love of languages. Currently learning - Dutch!
Video Podcasts · 17. November 2017
A while ago I hitchhiked from Maastricht, the Netherlands to Borsh, Albania in five days. If you want to see what these days looked like, and to hear my three main reasons for hitchhiking (besides "it's free"), watch the video here:

19. October 2017
Things I haven't learned in a year of nomadic life
Video Podcasts · 29. September 2017
I've decided to create a podcast in which I'll answer questions about alternative travel. You can follow the videos on Youtube or Facebook. Here's the first one:

19. June 2017
A story about how I met new friends while Couchsurfing, hitchhiked to their festival-themed wedding and had a great time there!
28. April 2017
I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! In this post I answer questions, ask some of my own, and tell you about eleven bloggers that I really enjoy reading/watching.

06. March 2017
I wanted to see Harry Potter related things around London - and I did, without paying a lot of money for it.