Hi and welcome!

Here at the Roaming Pencil you'll find mostly comic strips/cartoons/graphic stories about things that happen to me (in my head or outside of it) and the people I meet, as well as written blog posts about... well, anything I choose to write about. Since I don't have a permanent home and move from place to place quite often, these will often be related to travel, countries, languages and other things that fascinate me. 

If you want short answers to questions that begin with "what" and "where" and "do you...", you can find them here. Here's the longer version of me:

When I'm asked what I do, I have many answers and none at all. If you catch me at a random moment, I'm probably sitting on my backpack in the street, and eating something, browsing the internet to try and figure out my plans, telling myself to stop worrying about plans, or reading a book instead of doing whatever I was planning to do. I'm supposedly a traveler because I move from country to country, but I'm happiest when I sit in a place where I can draw or write for hours with almost no breaks, have enough battery to listen to music when I'm walking, talk to someone and don't want the conversation to end, or catch a ride really fast when hitchhiking. All of this can be done without moving from country to country or - except maybe hitchhiking - from town to town. I just enjoy the changes around me: languages, landscapes, people. When I reach a new place, I usually prefer to cook dinner with people I've just met or study in a cafe rather than visit all the Places To See in the town or city I'm in. 

As I move from place to place, I realize more and more how lucky I am to be able to travel: My passport allows me to visit most of the countries in the world, many of them without a visa; I can walk for hours; as a child I learned different languages that help me speak to people in most places. These are not achievements I worked hard for, just privileges, luck or however you wish to call it.

Some things I did fight for are happiness and peace of mind (among the reasons - growing up with domestic violence, living in urban areas that maybe weren't the best matches for me, suffering from mood swings that increase when I consume sugar - and I used to consume a lot of sugar...)

Now most of my things fit into a backpack and a small bag (and this still feels like too much, but it includes a tent and a sleeping bag). I spend much less money than I used to spend when I lived in one place. Many things are uncertain - the time it will take me to hitchhike somewhere, where I'll sleep tonight, when I'll be able to have the next shower (again, I'm lucky - many people live in uncertainty on a daily basis and not by choice). I want so many things but I don't have it all figured out - I actually have almost nothing figured out. But I chose this, and I'm glad that I did. Some day I might make a new choice, who knows?