Who are you?

Nina, born in 1988 (I find years more useful than age - it keeps changing!), full-time traveler, writer, artist, hitchhiker, animal lover, vegan, language geek, book addict.


What's this blog about?
My life, people (and animals) I meet, places I visit, and languages I (try to) learn. I make cartoons/comics/graphic stories, write posts and create videos. They're all here.


So what do you do exactly?

Stare at Google Maps until I find a place I want to visit. Look for a volunteering opportunity, a house sit, or a nice host there. Grab my stuff and hitchhike there. Talk to people. Repeat.

Right now I'm probably sitting on my backpack in the street and eating something, browsing the internet to try and figure out my plans, telling myself to stop worrying about plans, reading a book, or not sleeping despite the late time.


Is this a vacation/holiday/when are you going home?

I travel full-time. It means that I don't live anywhere permanently, but when I'm at a place, I try to live there - not just see the Important Points and move on. I move from country to country, but I'm happiest when I sit in a place where I can draw or write for hours with almost no breaks, have enough battery to listen to music when I'm walking, talk to someone and don't want the conversation to end, or catch a ride really fast when hitchhiking. All of this can be done without moving from country to country or - except maybe hitchhiking - from town to town. I just enjoy the changes around me: languages, landscapes, people. When I reach a new place, I usually prefer to cook dinner with people I've just met or study in a cafe rather than visit all the Places To See in the town or city I'm in. 

Where are you from?
Born in Ukraine, moved to Israel when I was 8 - so I guess it's both?

What do you do?

Draw comics, write stories, study, hitchhike, walk around towns, read books, stare at Google Maps, browse other travel blogs, eat, meditate, sleep. Among other things. 

Where do you study? 
Online! Currently I'm learning to draw at Drawabox.

How long are you planning to travel?
I don't have an end date and don't really plan to stop, but who knows!

What's your favourite place?
Well, it changes all the time! Let's say Iceland for the landscapes and the Netherlands for the lovely people.

Do you speak [language]?
I speak English (it's really me writing here, not a translator!), Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and basic Italian. Feel free to use any of them if we speak!

Where are you now?
Check the map below! Though I probably forgot to update it at some point.