This page has several purposes:

1. To help me keep track of the books I'm reading during my journeys and where they lead me (yes, the best way for me not to lose my notes is to stick them right on my blog!)

2. To tell y'all about these books! I love talking about books nearly as much as I love reading them. And if more people read these books, there will be more people to talk to about them. Again, completely selfish purpose.

3. This is an affiliate page. Are you trying to take our money, Nina? ARE YOU? I though you were just doing this for fun! Well, this is fun! But if you like my description so much that it makes you want to buy the book (or the Kindle), and you go on Amazon through my link, you'll pay the same price you'd have paid anyway, and I'll get paid 10%. In fact, even if you buy something else through the link, I'll still get the 10%. 
As a minimalist who can packs all her belongings in a backpack, I'm really not into buying Stuff just for the sake of it or convincing you to do so. Books are among the only things I buy, and I do it because -

a. They make me happy.
b. They make the world better.  
c. I'm a writer myself, so reading is practically work (fun work!)
d. I love libraries, but these days I don't stay anywhere long enough to borrow books from libraries (and also can't do it since I'm not a resident). 
e. I don't want to download books illegally because writers deserve to be acknowledged and paid for their work. 

I used to have several bookshelves which didn't even have enough room for all my books. Then I gave most of them away and had only one shelf left with my most beloved ones. Then I left to travel and gave these away too. Nowadays I usually buy e-books (to read on my Kindle) and audio books (to listen to on my phone or laptop). I used to think I didn't like either of these, but then I realized that they don't take up any room in my backpack, which is the main reason I do it. They are also more ecological (no paper waste), easy to use, and can't get dirty if I read when I'm eating. I still love paper books, but I'm actually more comfortable with the digital versions. You don't have to agree!

Anyway, books are fun. Books are life. And I'll try to update this page as I go. If you want to discuss any of these books with me, by all means, please do!